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    Are you trying to find some entertainment booking ideas that will help to create the perfect event for your company party? Do you want to impress your boss by pulling off the best corporate event ever? Or are you looking for different types of entertainment booking that can add uniqueness to a wedding reception or private party? When it comes to entertainment booking , whether you stick with the typical kinds of entertainers for your corporate function, hire popular entertainment bands for your wedding, or decide to come up with something completely out of the ordinary, your entertainment booking selections can make or break your event.

    First off, on the topic of entertainment booking for a wedding reception, most planners will hire a party band. This allows you to bring in the style of music you like best, whether pop, jazz, rock, country, or whatever happens to be your favorite. A good party band also doubles as a dance band. Guests can either sit and talk or get out on the dance floor, it’s their choice. Dance bands are in high demand for weddings and certainly the most popular form of entertainment booking for this type of event.

    However, in these current and exciting times, some couples come up with entertainment booking ideas that are totally different and unique. And others hire a combination of entertainment for events in addition to corporate event bands. So what types of entertainment can be used for a wedding that doesn’t involve dance bands? How about performance artists that are usually hired as corporate entertainment? That’s right. There are many kinds of entertainers available for corporate events that could add a great deal of excitement to a wedding reception as well. If you want your reception to be different, something that everyone will be talking about for a long time, a party that creates memories that won’t be forgotten, booking a top party band along with other entertainment not usually seen at a wedding is the ticket.

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    Entertainment Booking Ideas - Party Crashers - Best of the Entertainment Bands

    The most common type of entertainment booking comes in the form of a live band. Wedding music bands can keep your guests entertained for hours and should seriously be considered. Entertainment bands like Party Crashers can add a great deal of excitement and electricity to any event. This popular party band is in hot demand both in and out of the country due to their amazing vocalists and musicians, tight choreography, costume changes, high energy showmanship, and an extensive song selection that includes more current hits than any other band around, as well as popular songs from other eras. Entertainment booking like Party Crashers will do more for the success of your party than any other thing, whether it’s a wedding reception with just a couple hundred guests or a major corporate event attended by thousands. However, if you’re looking for something more unique for your wedding, something that will help set it apart from other receptions, but you still want a dance band, maybe you would enjoy dancing to the music of the Beatles. In this case, hiring a top Beatles tribute band like Imagine would be ideal.

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    DJs, singers, and musicians are often used as corporate entertainment, but are also commonly used for weddings, so to find a more unusual type of entertainment we need to start thinking outside the box. Booking a comedian to be the emcee at your event can make things fun and keep things flowing smoothly all night long. There are normally a lot of different activities that take place at a reception, including toasts, cutting the wedding cake, throwing the wedding bouquet and garter, and many other things, so having an emcee can keep things entertaining and running smoothly all evening long.

    Book a Comedy Juggler for Your Entertainment

    With all of the entertainment booking ideas, it can be hard to narrow things down to just one entertainer. Comedy magic is another entertainment booking idea that is often seen at corporate events, but can also be a fun addition to a wedding party. Comedy jugglers and impressionists are two other kinds of performers that can add a lot of fun to the event. Have you ever thought about adding some professional dancers to the mix? Believe it or not, top dancers like the ones you see on “Dancing with the Stars” are available for private events. How memorable would your party be if Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Kym Johnson put on a dance exhibition for your guests? Or what if you could get Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian, four-time world cabaret dance champions who have appeared many times on “Dancing with the Stars”, “So You Think You Can Dance,” and other popular TV shows?

    In addition to these types of entertainment booking possibilities you could also hire entertainment that is even more unique. How about Lindsey Stirling, the hip hop violinist you saw on America’s Got Talent? Or if you’re having a Hawaiian theme, maybe you’d enjoy the Polynesian Pearls, a family group of island dancers. And for Hispanic weddings, Ballet Folklorico Citlali could add loads of excitement with their traditional native dances. When it involves entertainment booking, adding something different to your wedding reception might be as easy as bringing in a world-class yodeler, yoyo world champion, or even cirque performers. Once you start thinking “unusual” there are all types of entertainment booking ideas that could be the perfect fit for your wedding reception.